Rencontres Musicales de Chaon, Chaon, France - Jun '16

with l'Orchestre Symphonique d'Orléans, conducted by Marius Stieghorst

La nouvelle République Newspaper, France

In French - "Mais le moment fort de ce week-end a très certainement été le concert de clôture avec l'orchestre symphonique d'Orléans, dirigé par Marius Stieghorst, exceptionnellement accompagné par la virtuose soprano australienne, Cathy Di Zhang, et l'excellent violoncelliste, Alberto Casadéi, qui s'en sont donné à cœur joie pour émouvoir le public : « Je suis toute retournée, j'ai la chair de poule », s'exclamait une festivalière pendant le concert. Et en effet, il y avait de quoi réjouir même les non connaisseurs qui se souviendront sûrement de cet après-midi où ils ont entendu pour la première fois la voix de la soprano Cathy Di Zhang …air de Juliette « Je veux vivre » de Massenet, interprété de façon originale, mais non moins renversante,…La 5e édition des Rencontres Musicales de Chaon restera dans les mémoires comme exceptionnelle" Alexis Couturier

English translation - "but the strongest moment of the weekend and certainly the summer was the closing concert with l’Orhcestre symphonique d’Orlèans, conducted by Marius Stieghorst, and exceptionally accompanied by the virtuoso Australian soprano, Cathy-Di Zhang and the excellent cellist Alberto Casadei, who gave given their hearts to move the audience:  “I’m all goosebumps” said an audience member during the concert. And in effect, there was reason to be pleased, even people new to music will surely remember this afternoon where they heard for the first time the voice of soprano Cathy-Di Zhang…her Juliette’s aria “Je vex vivre” by Massenet, was interpreted in an original, but no less stunning way…the 5th edition of the Rencontres Musicales de Chaon will be remembered as exceptional" Alexis Couturier

"Chamber songs" Recital, Sonora '16 Festival, Merano, Italy - Jun '16

Cathy-Di Zhang (soprano), Marcello Fera (violin), Alberto Casadei (cello), Filippo Faes (piano)

Alto Adige Newspaper, Italy

In Italian - "Il soprano australiano Cathy-Di Zhang innanzitutto, che abbina una tecnica impeccabile a sensibilità, grande eleganza di fraseggio e una voce dal timbro morbido, sicura e uniforme su tutti i registri..." Marzio Terrani

English translation - "The Australian soprano Cathy-Di Zhang above all, combines an impeccable and sensitive technique, great elegance of phrasing with a voice with a soft timber, that is secure and even throughout all registers..." Marzio Terrani

Italian classical music magazine "Amadeus", Italy

In Italian - "i primi brani sono state cinque delle Canzoni irlandesi WoO 152, 153 e 154 di Ludwig van Beethoven…Ottima scelta come ouverture, le canzoni hanno avuto il merito di mostrare fin da subito la raffinata vocalità di Zhang, che ha reso con cullante tono narrativo il carattere popolare, supportata con cura dal trio… le Cinq mélodies populaires grecques di Ravel…Sul repertorio francese (cinq mélodies populaires Grecques di Ravel) il soprano si è trovato particolarmente a suo agio, cantando con grande raffinatezza e presenza scenica..." Alessandro Tommasi

English translation - "the first songs were the Beethoven Irish songs…excellent choice of opening pieces, the songs had the merit of immediately showing the refined vocals of Zhang, who, with a lulling, narrative tone created the characters of the pieces supported with great care by the trio…in the French repertoire (Ravel’s cinq mélodies populaires Grecques) the soprano found herself particularly at ease, singing with great sophistication and stage presence..." Alessandro Tommasi


Puccini: Gianni Schicchi (Lauretta) - Royal Academy Opera - Nov '14

conducted by Peter Robinson, directed by William Kerley, designed by Jason Southgate

Bachtrack - 4 stars 

“But it was the orchestra and the main trio of voices that turned a competent performance into an outstanding one…As Lauretta, Cathy-Di Zhang’s big moment is “O mio babbino caro”: it may not be the most technically challenging soprano aria in the repertoire, but it’s one of the most charming, and Zhang delivered it with grace and winning warmth. At the end of the aria, as Lauretta snuggles persuasively up to her father, Wang delivered a slight shrug of the shoulders and a raised eyebrow, as if to say “well, what can you do after that”? After Zhang’s lovely singing, it brought the house down…” David Karlin

The Guardian - 4 stars 

“Among the standout singers to watch for as they come on to the opera circuit are the tenor Oliver Johnston, whose virile young lover Rinuccio made a good match with Cathy-Di Zhang’s sweet toned Lauretta…” Stephen Pritchard

Express - 3/5 

“Cathy-Di Zhang as Lauretta and Oliver Johnston as Rinuccio are an engaging pair of young lovers…” Clare Calvin

The Spectator 

“Cathy-Di Zhang was his delightful daughter Lauretta, who managed a skilful and individual ‘O mio babbino caro’…” Michael Tanner

Opera Magazine 

“There was an intriguing touch of steel in Cathy-Di Zhang’s Lauretta…” Yehuda Shapiro


Richard Lewis / Jean Shanks Award 2014 - Royal Academy of Music - Mar '14 

“The soprano Cathy-Di Zhang sounded promising and has an intelligent and beautifully placed voice, her Bach controlled and even.”


Massenet: Cendrillon (Cendrillon) - Royal Academy Opera - Nov '13

conducted by Gareth Hancock, directed by Christopher Cowell, designed by Bridget Kimak

The Times - 4 Stars

"The Royal Academy is sticking its neck out in mounting the opera (which follows Covent Garden’s star-spangled production in 2011). The gamble is worth it for the voices giving it their considerable all. Leading the first cast, Cathy-Di Zhang is beautifully affecting as Cinders, or Lucette as she is in this version. Zhang’s silvery tone is shiveringly transporting, her phrasing natural and graceful, and so is her musicality — here is a soprano unafraid to let you focus in as she scales back for a rapt pianissimo...” Neil Fisher

Opera Magazine

‘a staging superior in wit, invention and emotional impact to Lauren Pelly’s 2011 Covent Garden extravaganza... In her best moments as Lucette (Cendrillon), the soprano Cathy-Di Zhang, a presence of natural grace and reticence, combined pathos with singing of pearly beauty... the ensemble singing was remarkable for depth of sound, precision and vocal clarity... the orchestra sounding like a real theatre band...’ Yehuda Shapiro

Bachtrack - 4 stars 

“...What helped, of course, was that Act III features the three best singers in the production, who lifted the whole evening out of the ordinary...In the title role, Cathy-Di Zhang summoned up depths of romantic expression and phrasing. Zhang throws a lot into varying her vocal timbre in line with what’s happening in the music: it’s very effective...” David Karlin

Brian Dickie’s Blog

“The Royal Academy of Music's terrific graduate opera programme put on an an immensely enjoyable production of Massenet's Cendrillon last night...The Royal Academy chose to cast Lucette (Cendrillon) with a soprano and the Prince with a tenor...But this solution worked, in no small part due to the convincing performances of Cathy-Di Zhang and Richard Dowling, well sung and really moving in the passionate world of Act 3.” Brian Dickie


Humperdinck: Hansel and Gretel (Gretel) - Pacific Opera - Aug '10

Conducted by Russell Gerr, directed by Christine Douglas, designed by Simone Romaniuk

Media Culture Reviews 

"...and his sister Gretel (the golden voiced Soprano Cathy Zhang)...Pacific Opera’s glorious production is especially alive with the many talents of Soprano Cathy Zhang who vicariously energises the audience with her youthful and boundless live wire zest. A superb actress, she also vocally shines when initially convincing Hansel to ‘lighten up’ as they both vocally embrace the first of many happy Tra La La La ‘s..." Nick Terrell